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THERE ARE OVER 15 MILLION ORPHANS in China. Many are disabled although some are healthy young girls, but all abandoned a sad outcome of China's one child per family law. Their plight is something few Americans can fathom.

Every year tens of thousand sof children are thrust into overcrowded, und-er funded orphanages. They are abandoned because parents can't afford to care for them. They are forgotten because there are simply not enough resources to provide adoption, foster caroer even the basic necessities to such a large number of orphans. And for children born with disabilities, the outlook is far grimmer. Even conditions corrected with routine medical procedures in America can render a child -uandoptable and destined for an unthinkable existence in na institutional setting.

Through favor with local officials and the dedicated diligent work of University students helping to process foreigners into government institutions Sunshine After Rain Ministries has been visiting children and providing a variety of humanitarian needs to the three following orphanages since 2001.

Taian Children’s Home

In 2001, after our performance at the University, the Foreign Affairs Officer for the city of Taian arranged a special visit to the local orphanage. Each subsequent year, the ministry has returned to visit the children bringing special gifts, food and school supplies to the children. In 2005, fifteen new wheelchairs were supplied to the home. Covered by the local press and TV stations, we were pleased to learn that one of the journalists on the story had been a resident at the home when our first visit was made!

In 2006, Sunshine After Rain Ministries received an official government invitation to participate in the 90th Anniversary of the founding of the children’s home by Assemblies of God missionaries in 1916. We presented the officials a letter from the Assemblies of God in the United States congratulating them on their commitment to serving the orphans and elderly of Taian. The media coverage was crucial in helping to assist the Directors petition the government to fund a new building for the children. In the spring of 2008 a multi-million dollar state-of the art facility will become their new home and allow foreign adoptions to take place in the province.

Jinan Social Welfare Children’s Home

The ministries involvement since 2003, to this special home for children with disabilities has been a great blessing. Our visits have provided relief and food each year as well as focusing local attention to the difficulties of these forgotten children. The University students who have served as translators during our visits sponsor annual fundraisers with their peers to provide special gifts for the children during Christmas. In 2007 the facility requested special therapeutic items for treatment of children at the home with Cerebral Palsy. That same year the students collected enough funds to purchase industrial washing machines! Each year inquiries are made to determine critical needs, and Sunshine After Rain Ministries assists in all ways possible.

House of Hope Orphanage

We learned of the House of Hope through a local House Church making weekly visits to disciple the 40 disabled children at the home. Run by dedicated Chinese Christians, they provide Christ-centered teaching to the children. Our association has allowed us to be aware of emergency items needed for the children. In 2005 and 2006, winter shoes and clothing, were purchased for all of the children as well as food supplies. Through a special friend of the ministry a much needed commercial washer was provided. With the growing urban sprawl of Beijing making way for the Olympics, the orphanage found itself surrounded by heavy construction compromising the air quality in the area. A request was made for air purifiers which were purchased in 2007, providing immeasurable health benefits to the children. New shoes and warm clothing are generally requested. Sunshine After Rain Ministries bought and installed three new waters heaters in 2008 making small improvements with big impact!

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